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Jan 11 2013

Takis, Hot Cheetos, and Boogers

I had never even heard of takis until I started teaching here but now they seem to be a recurring theme in my everyday teaching experience/my nightmares. I despise takis. If you don’t know what takis are, you lucky dog you, they are just like hot cheetos. They are really red, really spicy hot, snack chips that leave a terrible red stain on your fingers/mouth/clothes/classroom if you eat them or are around someone that is eating them. My kids go absolutely CRAZY for those things. They hoard them, steal them, bring them to school, hide them in their backpacks, sneak them in the back of the classroom to eat them while I am reading a story at the carpet… I have witnessed the sharing of takis cause some solid BFF friendships to form and I’ve also witnessed several more all-out fights to take place because “Ms. A!!!!!!! So and so stole my takis outta my backpack I know she did I seen her take them outta there and NOW SHE GOT RED ALL OVER HER MOUTH AND FINGERS AND SHE BE LYIN!!!!!!” I. Despise. Takis.

I have a marble jar in my class that I put marbles in if the whole class is doing something really good. If we get a certain number of marbles in the jar, the whole class gets a reward and the rewards get better as the number gets bigger. So the reward for 20 marbles was a snack party and I told them that I would buy each of them whatever snack they wanted and we could have a shoes off snack party in our room. Well, we got 20 marbles super fast after I made that dumb announcement. So guess what they all want when I ask them for snack orders? Takis and hot cheetos. Literally every single kid. Except one. Oh my sweet B. B is the only white boy in my homeroom class. Very very white and very very sensitive. Also, apparently, B used to eat his boogers in 1st grade so all the kids in my class call him Booger B. Now of course when I heard this we had a long sit-down chat about how that is not kind and our number one job in the world is to be kind to everyone no matter what. I also talked to B about maybe not eating his boogers anymore since we are in second grade now. But the nickname still kinda stuck. So anyway, I ask the class if anyone does not want takis or hot cheetos.. and there goes Booger B raising his hand. A little nervous that he’s going to embarrass himself, I ask what he wants and he yells, “FRUIT SNACKS!”. Oh B.

4 Responses

  1. Wess

    Takis are delicious. You will see. I hated them too, when I started teaching.

    … you should start out with the guacomole or fajita flavors. They’re less spicy and red. :)

  2. Courtney K

    ah. i love this so much. thank you so much for sharing your fun and sweet stories. THANK YOU even more for doing what you do. Thank you from all of us who wish we had the sweet, sweet heart and patience you do, to pour into those kiddos!

  3. Lauren this made me laugh out loud! The best part, “NOW SHE GOT RED ALL OVER HER MOUTH AND FINGERS AND SHE BE LYIN!” Kids are amazing.

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