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Jan 05 2013

Here I Am

Well hello world! I feel like I need to start off this little blog by introducing myself to you. I am from Texas, went to school in Arkansas, majored in elementary education, got my Master of Arts in Teaching and then applied for Teach For America last spring. Now I am here in the wonderful town of Kansas City teaching second grade reading and writing. Applying for Teach For America was something that was definitely always in the back of my mind but not something I ever thought I would really do. I am passionate about teaching and can’t imagine doing anything else but when I was thinking about where I wanted to go after I graduated, I knew I didn’t really want to do the safe thing and go back home, but I didn’t know where to choose. It was something that I prayed A LOT about and finally decided on TFA because I knew that if I got in, the Lord would place me where I needed to be and also where the greatest need was for teachers that care.

So, I told TFA my top 10 choices for places I could picture myself teaching.. Which, were for reasons like: ‘Oh, Emily Maynard from the Bachelor lives in Charlotte, NC-that would probably be a cute place to live.’ Or, ‘My friend Grace lives in Atlanta, GA so that would be fun.’ And best of all, ‘I’ve been to Kansas City one time for a fraternity formal and that seemed pretty cool.’ All of this pretty much gave my sweet mom a heart attack and, for understandable reasons, be very concerned about my future. (Shoutout: Love you Mom!) After applying, I wasn’t really sure if I knew that TFA was for sure the route I wanted to take. But, when I found out I got in and that I was placed in Kansas City elementary education, I remember being so excited that I was jumping up and down and screaming in the fourth grade classroom where I was interning while my kids were at P.E. (My kids thought I was crazy when they came back from specials… Also, I am positive this is not the first time kids have thought I was crazy.)

After that, God continued to do some incredible things and put some incredible people in my life. Later that summer, I found out I would be teaching my favorite grade and my favorite subject. I also found out that a girl that was in my sorority at Arkansas would also be doing TFA in KC and we decided to be roommates. This was a HUGE blessing because Elizabeth is absolutely wonderful and I cannot imagine making it through this first semester without her. I would highly recommend that everyone live with her at one point in their life because she is so great but I plan on living with her for the rest of my life so I’m not sharing. When I started school in August, I also found that I love my school, I am surrounded by an outstanding group of KC corps members, great coworkers and principal at my school, and great support from TFA. Not to mention, most importantly, absolutely the cutest, funniest, sweetest little second graders in the world.

Which leads me into why I wanted to start this blog. There are a few reasons: First, because my kids are hilarious and it is just not fair that the rest of the world doesn’t get to hear about the things they come up with. Second, this is for my mom/friends/family/you to keep up with my life because I am terrible at keeping up with people. Third, when I was thinking about applying to TFA I read this blog and stumbled upon a great blog written by Caroline in the Delta and yall that girl is doing some incredible stuff and is really changing the world and I really just wanted to be like her. So, cheers to 2013 and me hopefully keeping up with this thing and sharing all the shenanigans that go on in my second grade classroom.

Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?” And I said, “Here am I. Send me!”- Isaiah 6:8

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